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ts2pet_snaps's Journal

Show Off Your Sims and Their Pets
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Hi, and welcome to ts2pet_snaps, a place where you can post pics (formal or informal) of your favorite TS2 pets and *their* sims, share pet-related stories, or just plain gab about their antics.

Just a bunch of basic, simple rules, some of which I snagged from simliving. :)

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1. Whether you want to do simple pictures or an all-out fancy photoshoot, this is all for fun. So don't be shy --- show off your favorite Pets-related screenshots!
2. Pet-related legacy challenges/stories are welcome.
3. If you have more than 1 image, please place them behind an lj-cut (see lj faq on how to make and use one). Teaser pics are allowed and encouraged, but they must be, at most, 600x450 so as not to distort the layout.
4. Membership is open. With that, all I ask is that respect be shown to all members; everybody plays the game differently, so we must all make allowances for individual preferences.
5. Please don't forget to add a description to the subject header of your post; it's gonna be a big help to anyone browsing the community memories, because it'll give them a mini-summary, so to speak.
6. This is not the place to ask about illegal downloads or to ask for serial codes/registration codes. Making such posts or comments will be deleted without warning. If you've lost your registration/serial code, contact EA Support at this link. If you're outside of North America, your manual should tell you how to replace your serial code. If that fails, contact http://support.ea.com/.
7. Have fun!

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