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Show Off Your Sims and Their Pets [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Show Off Your Sims and Their Pets

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Porthos and Madrid: A Breeders' Tale [Feb. 25th, 2007|05:36 pm]
Show Off Your Sims and Their Pets
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I present to thee, the story of Porthos and Madrid, two pooches in my game. Porthos is the pet of Cyd Roseland, a precreated Sim in game who married one of my CAS girls, who had a mini schnauzer named Madrid, a girl. The two pooches fell in pack (love) and went on to create ten beautiful children. Here we go.

Porthos to the left, Madrid to the right. Hanging out on the couch, even though they both know better.

Puppy Creation LOVECollapse )

So there you have it, lol. I've truly enjoyed playing this family, and I got one of the puppies adopted by Juliette Capp in game already! Still, I hope to see how they look when they grow up--if they look like Porthos or Madrid. More pictures await when it happens!
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